you were born to run.

It’s not you. It’s late-stage capitalism. It traps us in a scarcity paradigm, when deep down, we know our true nature is abundance.

Redeem a Seeds token to ask for money for whatever you may need. One Seeds token = One Request for Help. When you share your email below, we’ll send you 10 tokens as a gift.

So far, people have redeemed tokens and been gifted funds for college tuition, to stage one-woman Fringe Festival shows, to fill up a tank of gas, and lots more. We’d love to help liberate you from the scarcity paradigm, so that you have the freedom to choose the open road.

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What is Seeds?

Our founder, Rachel Cook, saw a lot of misogyny in institutionalized finance (and in the world), first when working as a futures and equities trader, and later when raising investment capital for Seeds.

After a lot of Vipassana meditation and time spent alone in thought, she came to realize that the problem seemed to be capitalism itself, because its OS is patriarchy: an extractive system that teaches humans of all genders to overvalue masculine energies and denigrate feminine energies, in other people, in ourselves, and in the man-made external world. All forms of discrimination seemed to stem from this.

Rachel saw that this imbalance infused every institution that humans who were not working to correct it had built to date: governing structures, financial mechanisms, and the essential building blocks of the technology we use everyday. She learned that Leibniz, the father of binary code, read about yin and yang in the I Ching, which gave him the idea to use 1s and 0s to communicate logic problems numerically. His translation of these male and female energies - which flow together in equal balance - into concrete units of All or Nothing make up the foundational workings of every technological system in existence (even those being used for quantum computing), skewing things in an unhealthy direction from the start. Rachel realized her mission in this life was to do all she could to right this patriarchal imbalance in herself, and in the things she created.

Seeds is an important embodiment of this mission, because it’s a tool to help all of us receive vital financial support so that we can stop worrying about survival. When we have what we need, we can shift out of fear. From there, we can begin to focus on healing ourselves and waking up, so that we have the space to tune into the inner voice telling us what we’re meant to do in this lifetime - and we can then joyfully offer that to others.

a new paradigm

Seeds is using blockchain to create a new economic paradigm: a bigger pie for all. Redeem a Seeds token to make a Request for Help, and give it a try today. :)